Ichthys Class
(adults all ages)

Although we can’t pronounce the name of this class very well, it is the symbol of the fish.    In the early days of the church it helped believers identify themselves to each other in discrete ways and helped them discover a sense of community in a world that did not welcome people of faith.   We hope this class will provide a sense of community to all who come, that they will find a place and grow in their faith as we journey together through God’s Word.   We have lively discussion and a great fellowship.   We use a variety of curriculum and allow much class input as to what topics we study.   While people of all ages are welcome to attend, we especially encourage anyone in the mid-20’s to early 40’s age group to call our class home!
Builders Class
(adults all ages)
In the Builders Class we strive to build our faith by working to UNDERSTAND, APPLY and SHARE God's Word. We look for ways to put our faith into action in our daily lives, relationships, disciplines and ministry. The topics we study are driven by the needs of the class. Fellowship and sharing our views and ideas is an important part of who we are. Although people of all ages are welcome to attend this class, we especially encourage both couples and singles in their mid-40’s to late 50’s to call this class home.
Believers Class
(adults 60+)
The Believers class is a very large fellowship and Bible study group for both couples and singles above the age of 60.   The class uses Lifeway Curriculum and is mainly considered a lecture class, but discussion is always welcome.   This class is very actively engaged in missions and outreach, caring for each other and anyone else who will let them. 
Dorcas Class
(ladies class)
The Dorcas Class is a group of mature ladies that look for ways to study and share truths from God's Word with others. Ladies in their 40’s to 60’s will find this class to be a great home for their weekly Bible study and fellowship.
Lydia CLass
(senior ladies)
The Lydia Class is a group of caring, praying senior women grounded in our faith and in the Word of God. We study to show ourselves approved as workers who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Ladies 70 and above will find this  class to be a great home for their weekly Bible study and fellowship.  The Lydia class is also strategically located on the same level as our Sanctuary, so those ladies who have  trouble navigating steps can attend with ease.
Men's Class
(senior men)
The Men's Class is a group of seasoned men who study God's word in a laid back, yet spiritually mature manner. We have open discussions about our faith and its application in our lives. We're not perfect but we seek everyday to be more like Christ.

Our Sunday School Ministry is a great way to connect with other believers who are at the same place in life as you.  Classes meet every Sunday beginning at 9:45 AM. 

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