On October 17, 1948, a prayer meeting was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Alexander for the purpose of establishing a Bible-believing, faithful, and friendly church in the Vienna Community. The meeting was conducted by Rev. Alex Doby, and on that evening our church was born. Over the course of the next several months, weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies were held in Christian homes throughout the community. Eventually, Mr. J.F. Henning allowed a one-room frame building to be constructed on his property which would become the church building. The building was dedicated, and the first worship service was held on Sunday morning, January 29, 1949. The church quickly outgrew the the frame building and a new santuary was built. Less than three years later, our church received its current name and was officially accepted into the Pilot Mountain Association. Although the original building was torn down many years ago, a gazebo now stands on our campus where the front doors of the original church house once stood.

In 1982 the church began planning the construction of our present santuary and have recently added a new fellowship hall.

From our humble beginning to the present day, the people of Robinhood Road Baptist Church have tried our best to maintain that original hope of being a Bible-believing, faithful-living, and fellowship-minded congregation. In the days gone by, we have worshipped, laughed, cried, said hello to new members, and goodbye to saints who have gone on to be with our Lord. In the days ahead, we will strive to always remember that it is not the building that is the church, but the people who fill these seats each time we gather together that makes our congregation so special. We are God's people seeking to please Him in all that we do. May that always be where we find our identity, our purpose, and our strength.

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