“This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine...”

These words ring familiar to all our ears, from a very young age all the way into our senior years. The purpose of Mission Crafters is to meet needs in our community/world through our God-given abilities while creating opportunity to lead others to the true Light of the World.

Since the Mission Crafters ministry began in October 2004, the Lord has already blessed us in so many ways. Workers, from age 6 to 70+ have come together to help multiply our efforts. Doors of opportunity are opening and the enthusiasm in the air is contagious! The fellowship shared on workdays has been refreshing with our production of items growing.

Some of the items we have made:

- Layettes and blankets for preemies - Neck pillows for the elderly
- Hats for cancer patients - Adult bibs for nursing homes
- Fleece hats for orphanage in Kiev - Aprons for alzheimer’s patients
- Wheelchair caddies for nursing
- Tray favors for nursing homes
- Pressure pillows for the bedridden - Prayer Shawls

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