What can I expect?

Going anywhere new for the first time can be confusing and even a little intimidating. Hopefully, at RRBC we will help you feel right at home. Whether you are attending Sunday School, worship, or both, the best place to enter the building is through our sanctuary doors (directly beneath the steeple). During both Sunday School and worship there will be ushers and greeters who will get you to anywhere you desire to be.
In Sunday School, we have a little something for everybody. We have nursery, children, youth, and young adult classes as well as multiple options for adults. We have couples classes, singles classes, classes that are more discussion oriented as well as classes that follow more of a lecture format.

In worship, you can expect a traditional service with hymns, special music, and Bible-based preaching. Many of our folks describe our worship style as “the way it used to be”. While many other congregations are struggling to find a more contemporary structure that makes everyone happy, we pour our energy into fellowship, unity, and making disciples. Our worship style is not nearly as important as our worship experience at Robinhood Road Baptist Church.

What time should I arrive?

If you are visiting our church for the Sunday School hour, the easiest place to enter the church is through our sanctuary doors (directly beneath the steeple). Each Sunday, from 9:25-9:50 we have greeters who welcome you and help you discover possible Sunday School classes that will fit the needs of everyone in your entire family. They will share with you what options exist, make a recommendation on what class might be the best fit, and escort you to your class(es).

If you are planning on being our guest for the 11:00AM worship service, you should plan on arriving between 10:45-10:55 and as you enter through the sanctuary doors (directly beneath the steple) you will be welcomed by our ushers who will give you a bulletin, answer any questions you might have, find restrooms, and help you according to your specific needs.

Where should I park?

At RRBC, parking directly in front of the sanctuary steps is reserved for seniors and handicapped worshippers. If you are on Robinhood Road facing the building, parking on the right side of the parking lot is the easiest way to make your way to the sanctuary. The left side is a sloped hill leading down to our fellowship hall entrance, and parking is available in that area as well.

Where do my children go?

If you are visiting Sunday School, we have classes for everyone. Our Preschool department is for children birth to 5 years old (including Kindergarten). We also have a 1st through 3rd grade class as well as a 4th through 6th grade class. Youth are considered 7th through 12th grade and we do have a “beyond high school” class as well for those 18-25 years of age. The easiest way for you to find all of these classes is to enter through the sanctuary doors as a family and allow our Sunday School greeters to escort you through the building. They will get you to the right places and make sure you know how to find your way back to your children after Sunday School.

If you are visiting worship, you may take your children 2 years of age and younger to our nursery. Our ushers will answer any questions you may have and escort you to our nursery area. You are also welcome to keep your children in the sanctuary with you. All we ask is that if the children become disruptive to please remove them from the service. Children ages 3-5 are invited to participate in “Pastors Pals” led by our youth minister. They will worship with the family until the mid-point of the service, at which time our Pastor will dismiss them to meet their leaders by the piano and they will be dismissed to our children’s church room. Ushers can explain to you where to go at the end of the service to pick up your children.

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